One of my besties got my a bumper sticker that says "Love People. Cook them Yummy Food." I have no idea where she got it, but it matches exactly how I feel about people and food perfectly. Cooking is my catharsis from work, stress or whatever chaos is going on in my brain. I especially love to cook for other people. I love to cook more than bake, but honestly baking is just fine by me as well. I love to cook most anything although usually cook Mediterranean focused food. In addition to cooking, I love to travel and would very happily jump on an airplane at a moments notice. My favorite travel location is Italy.

My every day job is as a project manager working at Boeing. Watching airplanes take off every day and knowing I participated in getting those airplanes in the air is pretty darn awesome. When not working full time, you'll likely find me with my husband trying new beers in the area and or hanging out with our families. We love them (both beer and family)!