Sunday, February 3, 2013

Travel Adventure: Maui

I think a vacation in January may be a new requirement for our family. After the hustle and bustle of December (which is always wonderful, but rarely relaxing), a vacation to sunny Maui was just what the doctor ordered. We had actually planned this trip back in June, originally planning to go in October time frame. We then realized while I'm sure we'd enjoy Maui in October, we'd enjoy it significantly more in dark cold January!

This trips goals were very few: eat, sleep, beach, eat, sleep, pool. Need I say more? 

Trip Details
Location: Kapalua at the Golf Villas at Kapalua
Length of Stay: 9 Days
Favorite new restaurants: Merriman's at Kapalua & Leoda's Kitchen & Pie Shop
Best thing I ever ate: 4 way tie between (1) Banana Cream Pie at Leoda's, (2) the calamari / onion ring  / shrimp at Monkey Pod, (3) the Wok charred Ahi at Merriman's and  (4) the Pork Pork...mmmmPork! sandwhich at Leoda's. 

 Hike along the beach at Kapalua

First night's cocktails at one of our favorite restaurants: Mala Ocean Tavern

 Kaanapali Beach

 No Caption Needed

View from our Condo

Another lovely sunset


View from the top of the Golf Villas


Drinks at Monkey Pod

We tried every single one, except for the Pineapple Lemon Tart. 


View from breakfast

Tomato, Avacado and Crab salad at Merrimans


  1. We LOVE Maui! We just got back from Kauai, Hawaii in January is perfect!!! We enjoyed Monkeypod when we were in Maui. Those pies look delish!

  2. It's my favorite island so far! Monkeypod was SUPER fun, just wish it was closer to where we were staying! Hope you two had a great vacation as well!