Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Where to start?

I just returned from visiting my best friend forever, Ms. Kacie. She is volunteering in Nicaragua in the Peace Corp. Can I just say, she rocks? She rocks. 

Her mom, Nina, and I visited for just over a week and were able to attend business education classes with her at some of her schools and visit some of the amazing communities that she supports. Oh and yummy coffee, amazing sunsets, colors so bright and the most giving hospitable people I have ever met. 

I went on this trip with very little expectations. Well, actually no expectations. Having never visited a developing country I generally had no idea what I was in for. We were staying at nice resorts to I figured it would be pretty straight forward... Um yeah. Let's just say I was a little overwhelmed from day one. 


Once I had slept (did I mention we took a red-eye and hadn't really slept on the plane), and was a little more refreshed I felt a little more prepared to meet Nicaragua. My dearest Kacie was very patient with her Mom and I as we adjusted to "Nica time" and  got to know her schools and towns she works in. Again, she rocks. 

We visited Kacie's classes, explored the market near her home, went to the beach, the pool and gave Kacie a little R&R from her daily Nica life. 

One of the highlights for me, was visiting her English Language community group. These students are self organized and have just generally been working on their own until they discovered Kacie lived in the neighborhood! She's been meeting with them weekly and helping them develop their English skills. These students were awesome! They made us dinner and told us about their lives. Mind blown. Such a cool experience!

Another highlight: Meeting so many of Kacie's fellow Peace Corp Volunteers. What a great group of people! The picture above is of Kacie's friend Laura who, in addition to being a rock star PCV, also helps homeless dogs in her neighborhood find shelter and food. We met many of her neighborhood rescues. Love!

Overwhelming, yes. Hot, yes. Beautiful, yes. Challenging, yes. But who said travel was supposed to be easy? This experience made me take a deep breath, let go of control (ok a lot of control) and breathe in new experiences. I have a whole new appreciation for what Kacie does every day. What love she shows to her students and for her work! 

Was it worth it? Absolutely. To see my friend in action, teaching students, having a real impact on their lives? So worth it. To see a new country, be challenged, leave changed? SO WORTH IT. 


  1. Looks like a great trip!!! What an experience!

  2. It was so good to have you guys here! Thanks for trying something new and spoiling me rotten!

  3. Teresa TonnemakerApril 26, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    What a wonderful time you had! Beautiful pictures.