Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anniversary Adventure | Tofino, BC, Canada

August 23rd 2012 marked Peter and my third anniversary! We decided to take a little adventure to Tofino, British Columbia. Tofino is on the north west side of Vancouver Island seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It's a solid 30 minutes from the next town, Ucluelet (which is equally small and remote), both of which are a solid hour + away from anything else. BLISS. Tofino is a sleepy little surfer / hippie village with only a handful of restaurants and shops, but plenty of scenery and outdoor activities to keep one busy (or not). We mostly choose the not route and just enjoyed the view from our condo (love VRBO!) and took lots of walks into the village for coffee, pastries at the bakery and beer from the brewery. 

A little double dose of Starbucks waiting for the ferry at Tsawwassen
View from the Ferry heading towards Vancouver Island. 
Love of my life. 

Chesterman Beach

View from our bedroom loft. LOVE
View from our porch. 

View from our porch 2. 

No trip is complete with out food (one of our favorite things). We ate pretty well, although one place we visited was hyped up quite a bit as being the IT place. Needless to say, we were underwhelmed. But other than that, we enjoyed pretty much every other place we tried. 

Dinner the first night was at Spotted Bear Bistro. From the description, it sounded like it would be practically perfect. Small restaurant, local organic food, comfort food, what's not to love, right? Well, apparently everything. Everything we ordered was just OK. Ordered a caraf of wine and it was aweful. And I drink pretty much everything but it was bad. So we asked the server if it was supposed to taste that way (maybe it was corked or something) and she was a little ambivalent and didn't really offer us anything different. So we ended up just requesting a different wine because neither of us could stomach the other one. Anyways... Then food. Everything was significantly under salted, like as if none had been put in at all. Really? Really. Everything looked beautiful but simply just didn't taste that good. We both left not feeling so good and bummed at the experience. 

On the plus side, the baker in town, Common Loaf Bake Shop, was awesome! We ate there pretty much every day. Best.thing.ever. Really the best part, was I would wake up early, walk into town, get my coffee and get some muffins then walk back, wait for Peter to get up and then we'd chill on the porch, listening to the waves and eating breakfast. MMMGOOD!

Also a real winner, was Wildside Grill down the road from the main village. WOW. Best fish tacos and pretty awesome fish and chips. Everything is fresh caught near Tofino and cooked fresh. OH MY GRACIOUS YUM. One of our food highlights from this trip. 

On the highway home, lots of beautiful mountain lakes. 

a little cut off, but still kind of cute. 
Rootbeer Bliss
We got the front of the ferry on the way home!
Overall, fabulous trip and very relaxing. Not sure we would go back anytime, simply due to the distance (it was 10-12 hours each way with traffic, stopping, etc.). Although, it was well worth it for a 4 day weekend. The getting there was half the adventure!

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