Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Week Catch-Up

No blogging this week I guess! We did eat, I promise! Yeah, big surprise. Menu followed pretty close to what I started with. Monday night we enjoyed the chicken sausages and grilled veggies. I ended up having some day-old bread that I fixed up into a grilled pizza with heirloom tomato and mozzarella. YUM!

Tuesday we ended up having dinner with my in-laws at Clay Pit in Mill Creek. They are leaving tomorrow to take my youngest sister-in-law Olivia to school in Oregon and then are taking an extended road trip/vacation for 4+ weeks. Sooo.... this was our only chance to get in some time with them until probably October. Neither had been to Indian before and I think both enjoyed it fairly well! Clay Pit is one of Pete and my favorite places to eat. Very nice restaurant, great family who runs it and THE FOOD IS AMAZING. Fresh naan hot off the grill = OMG  YUM. Try it next time you are there.

Wednesday we ended up at my parents house because my baby-brother (ok, I guess I should stop calling him that) is also heading off to school (he left on Friday). So we were having one last swaray before he left as well. My daddy made steak sandwiches which were also AMAZING. Grilled New York Steak (probably rubbed with some steak seasoning) thinly sliced and put in nice chewy rolls and dipped in Au jus sauce (spelling???). Simple and effective and entirely delicious!

Oooh I forgot on Monday, I roasted a chicken to eat off of for the week. So on Thursday, I did a trio of cooking.
  • Chicken use #1: BLT + A - T salads (bacon lettuce tomato + avocado and apple - tomato).
  • Chicken use #2: Currey Chicken Salad for Friday night dinner (officially called Waldorf Chicken Salad).
  • Chicken use #3: Home made chicken stock.

Surprisingly, non of this took very long because the chicken was already cooked! I'm a big fan now of making my own stock. Seems like a good use of a roasted chicken (and I always have extra veggies that need to be used up).

So all and all, pretty easy cooking week (especially because I didn't have to cook TWICE!).

Side note on upcoming posts: We went to see The Help on Friday (I just finished the book earlier in the week). I'll try to get a write-up soon. Loved the book and the movie was pretty good! Oh and got to figure out this weeks menu so maybe I'll post that later too. Last but not least, we had our oldest niece and nephews (Pete's oldest brother's munchkins) over for a sleepover this weekend. What a kick! Will write more about that later too! Here's a sneak peek!

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