Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner Menu Week of August 8th

Opps! A day behind already AND I haven't finished last weeks posts. Eeek!! Oh well, here we go!

Dinner for this week!

Monday: Homemade Pizza's and Caesar Salad
Tuesday: Happy Hour at the Hi-Life in Ballard
Wednesday: Fish Tacos
Thursday: Um, I don't know yet. Maybe soup?
Friday: Camping with my BFF Kacie. I'm thinking Burgers en-route to Camping
Saturday: Dinner for my Sister-in-Law's birthday at Waterfront Grill

So nothing too inspiring, but just a regular week at our house! One of my other BFF's (can you tell I have ALOT?), Alyssa is in town this week from Boston so last nights Pizza was with her and her boyfriend. Tonight's happy hour will be with them as well. Should be fun!!

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