Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner at a Glance - Week of August 1st

I must be a terrible blogger. Got to find some regular rhythm of blogging. 

For today, let's talk about food I'm cooking this week! My dinner plans this week include the following:

Monday: Stuffed Peppers & Tomatoes
Tuesday: Thai Soup with Shrimp
Wednesday: Risotto with peas and shrimp
Thursday: Dinner out with Friends at Milagro Cantina
Friday: Ribeye Steak with Grilled Brocollini
Saturday: Hmmm.... TBD

One of the meals my grandparents (Yiayia and Papou) make on a regular basis are these divine stuffed peppers and tomatoes. YUMM! I finally got the recipe from my Mom and made them for myself for the first time. I modified the recipe slightly (mostly just used brown rice instead of white rice) and it was SOOO GOOD! Bad me, I didn't take a picture but you'll just have to trust me!

Tonight, I'm making another new recipe, Thai Soup with Shrimp. I got a new app on my phone called Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals. I got it from the Amazon App store as a part of the "free paid app of the day" and it's awesome so far! A fair number of ingredients that I don't really keep on hand (like ginger and lemon grass) but seems simple enough. I'll report out tomorrow (which probably means next week) on how that turns out. 

Wednesday, ANOTHER new recipe, also from Jamie Oliver's 20 minute meals app for a simple risotto with peas and shrimp. We might be shrimped out by Wednesday so small chance I might switch Wednesday and Friday meals.

Thursday, we're out to dinner with some new friends Milagro Cantina. We love the margaritas here!!

Friday, it's a end of the week steak kind of night. Probably finish off a yummy bottle of Primitivo we got from Alexandria Nicole in Woodinville. 

Saturday, who knows! We tend to figure out weekend meals as we go where work night meals I try to plan somewhat in advance. 

Enjoy your food filled week!

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