Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Il mio Vernazza bellissimo!

September 17th was our first full day (non-traveling) in Italy. Oh what a day! We slept waaayyyy in (almost until lunch!) and then finally made our way down to the village. But before we went down to the village, we took a moment to enjoy this view from our room:

Pretty much our favorite view! This is my desktop at work!

View to the left out our window.

Could not be happier!
For a very late breakfast, we stopped at the little grocery store (about the size our our den at home) and bought some fruit and yogurt. We then stopped at one of the local bakeries for some foccacia (local to Liguria, the province Vernazza is in). A simple but utterly delightful breakfast. And to top it off, a gorgeous day!

Pesto foccacia and onion foccacia (my favorite!).

View of the village looking up towards the train station.
And no breakfast is really complete without Gelato!

Pete had Lemon and Hazelnut and I had Strawberry and chocolate! No complaints here!

We spent the rest of the day napping, reading books and otherwise just enjoying il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). We spent most of the time on the common shared terrace. It was set-up with a couple small tables and several lounge chairs. Absolutely perfect!

We went down to the harbour again for dinner, this time at a place across from where we'd eaten the night before. Can't remember the name, but Mom and I ate there twice when we visited.

Our dinner menu:

Antipasti: Caprese Salad (Ok, but not the best)
Primo: Linguine with Crab (AMAZING sauce! Crab was a little hard to eat, but I cannot tell you how good the sauce was!)
Secondo: Grilled Frutti di Mare (Also amazing, just ridiculously fresh fish grilled and served with a squeeze of lemon).

We ended the day with more gelato (because really, why not?). Pete had cinnamon chocolate and mint. I had chocolate and coconut.

On a relate note: In Vernazza there is a clock tower that chimes on the half hour and on the hour. We noticed that we heard it chime about 5 minutes before the half hour and the hour. So basically it was ringing twice two times an hour for a total of four times! We only then discovered that there was actually TWO clock towers (one at the top of the village and one at the harbor). Crazy. Can you imagine the argument on whose time is the "right" time?

A few more pictures, just for good measure!

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