Sunday, November 6, 2011


I had a little mantle make over this weekend and a little Pinterest crafting! I've been collecting fun craft ideas on pinterest for several months but had yet to have (or make) anytime to actually do any crafting. Well no longer! On Thursday, I went to Michaels and bought some stuff to make the following:

Pin found here

 Here's how it turned out!

I had a little harder time than I thought getting the yarn wrapped around the letters, but overall I'm happy with the effect. I think the original picture had yarn wrapped around cardboard letters which I couldn't find. I ended up using wood letters. I think to do again, I'd probably get the hot glue gone out for the initial (pun not intended!) wrap of yarn and then just wrap it again like I did here.

Here's how it looks on the mantel with some new finds from Ikea!

I feel so accomplished to finally have crafted something! Next up, I've got some of the stuff to make this:

Picture found here.

I still need to get some foam balls to wrap in some of the leftover yarn from my letter project. When I went to Michaels they foam balls were a litle more expensive then I would have liked (it probably would have cost me around $50 to cover a wreath). So I'm gonna keep an eye out for some coupons so I can try to make this soon!

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