Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Participating in my first share-with-others post! Check out Katie over at Pencil Box!
November is a wonderful month in my book. Our fall has been delightfully late this year so we've still got lots of golden leaves on the trees (although I'm sure they are moments away from falling!). November is also a big family month with both my parents birthdays, my paternal grandmothers birthday, my parents anniversary, and Thanksgiving of course!
This year for Thanksgiving, we're trying something new with my folks and going out-of-town. Growing up, we always had Thanksgiving at my Yiayia and Papou (my greek grandparents), at my Uncle David's or at my parents house (all local). Now with Pete's family on the other hand, they almost always go out of town (they are from Ohio so when growing up usually traveled to Ohio for the holidays). Anyways, this year we're going to Whistler, BC with my folks, grandparents and one of my three brothers (the other two have to work). I think it should be pretty fun!
So back to Thankful Thursdays!

November makes me thankful for my wonderful family and all the craziness that involves!

My parents

My Papou

My Yiayia

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